Software License / ESET Encryption

Licensed per OS
Windows Only
Full or Virtual disk encryption
File & folder encryption
Text & Clipboard encryption

Software License / ESET File Security

- Licensed per OS
- Linux or Windows
- Custom deep file scans
- Real-time smart threat protection

Software License / Zevenet Enterprise

Licensing, Configuration & Installation
High performance application delivery through high availability, security and load balancing.
- Advanced L4 load balancing
- User-Friendly web GUI
- Advanced L7 proxy features
- Enterprise Technical Support

Software License / Cloud Linux

- Includes Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE)
- Based on CentOS operating system
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux compatible

Software License / Backup

Continuous Data Protection backup solution
- Linux or Windows / Physical or Virtual.
- Block level bare metal recovery.
- Individual file / folder restorations.
- Indiviudal database restorations for MySQL & MS SQL Server.

Software License / Xen Orchestra

Advanced web based management for your XCP-ng / Citrix XenServer Hypervisor infrastructure.

Software License / Windows Server Standard

For individual physical servers or virtual machines.

Software License / Windows Server Data Centre

Allows unlimited VMs on a single physical host.

Software License / SQL Server 2016 Web Edition

- Up to 16 cores / 4 sockets
- Up to 64GB RAM per instance
- Up to 16GB RAM per database

Software License / SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition

- Up to 24 cores / 4 sockets
- Up to 128GB RAM per instance
- Up to 32GB RAM per database
- Database Mirroring

Software License / SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition

- Maximum use of cores / sockets
- Maximum use of RAM per instance
- Unlimited RAM per database
- Database Mirroring
- Mirrored backups
- Online indexing
- Hot add memory and CPU