Domain Name Portfolio Migration

Simplify domain management and reduce costs

Save money and benefit from some of the best renewal prices on the market and keeping all of your domains in a single easy-to-manage location.

Any members of Purely.Domains that have 25 or more domains registered with other domain registrars that they'd like to move to Purely.Domains can take advantage of our managed domain name migration* service.

Simply provide us with the access credentials for your other registrar providers control panel and we will initiate and manage the transfer process for each domain name for you.

Place your order for free if you'd like to take advantage of this inclusive service.

*Migration services are exclusively for the transfer of the registration services, any DNS, URL forwarding, email or other services that might being running on the domains' hostname that might require migration are not included. Any accociated domain name transfer fees will be invoiced accordingly and include a years extension adding to the registration periods. All .uk domain name transfers do not require any transfer fees and do not include an extention to the registration period.