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Domain Status

When performing a whois lookup of a domain you may have noticed that various status codes associated with your domain.
This post will outline what the relevant status codes mean, and what you can do about them.


OK is the standard status for most domains. This means that the domain is functioning normally and does not have any actions prohibiting its operation.

Auto Renew Period

Auto renew period is a grace period that is provided to the domain registrant after a domain has passed its expiration date but is automatically renewed by the registrar. If during this 30 day period, the domain registrant decideds not o keep the domain, credit will be refunded back to their account.

Renew Period

The renew period is a grace period provided after a domain name has expired. During this time the domain will not direct to your web content, however the registrant can renew their domain without incurring a late renewal fee.

Redemption Period

After the renewal period has passed, domains enters into a redemption period. During this time the domain cannot be purchased by an external party, however renewing the domain will incur a retrieval cost of £250. It is important to note that the retrieval fee is not enforced by purely.domains and is an unwaiverable cost we forward on to the customer from the domain registry.
After the 30 days in redemption period, the domain is deleted and made available for public purchase again.

Client Transfer Prohibited

The client transfer prohibited status prevents a domain from being falsely transferred away, you can enforce this status as outlined here

Pending Delete

After the 30 day redemption period, pending deletion status is added to a domain to inform of its impending deletion. This status can also be requested during the grace period if you do not wish to renew it.

Registrant = You
Registrar = Purely.domains
Registry = Domain Registry

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