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Adding CNAME Records

How to add an CNAME record to your domain name.

Please note: Before proceeding you will need to ensure you have created a DNS zone.

  1. Click on the edit icon next to your domains DNS zone

  2. Click the blue Add Record button

  3. Set Type to CNAME

    Name: The alias you give to the real host name
    TTL: Set how many seconds will elapse before the record is refreshed in the DNS cache
    RDATA: The real name of the host you create an alias to. This must be an official host name. It cannot be an alias. A CNAME-record should always point to an A-record to avoid circular references

  4. Click the green Add Record button.

That's it. You've now created an CNAME record. Please note any DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to apply.
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