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Why are my registration details important?


All domain names need to be registered to a legal entity such as a company or an individual. It is extremely important that all the information provided is valid and up to date. If there is a domain dispute, the information listed on the domains whois will be used to decide who the legal owner of the domain is. If the details are out of date, misleading or otherwise incorrect then you will have no proof of ownership and may be unable to transfer the domain.

Global domain names

ICANN requires that all the information in your registration be valid. When registering a new domain or when making changes to the registrant, admin, tech or billing contact information, an email requesting verification will be sent out. If no response is received within 15 days, the domain name will be suspended. If your domain is suspended please see this guide https://purely.domains/knowledgebase/577/.... Please also see the official ICANN page for more information

.uk domains

It is a contractual requirement of registering a .uk domain that complete and accurate data is supplied. The information provided is checked against a 3rd party, if this information can't be validated, the domain will be suspended. If a domain is suspended, the website and email will no longer work.

How do I update the registration details on my domain name?
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