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Use .company, .services or .agency to get the perfect domain for your business

Now that the new business domain extensions .company, .service and .agency have launched it has allowed businesses to be able to get the perfect domain name for putting their business online. With huge availability, no longer do business have to get obscure .com or .co.uk domain names with extra hypens and words in them. Find one for your business today!

30th Oct 2015

Putting communities online with .club, .team and .community

The launch of the .club, .team and .community domain extensions have provided the perfect platform for making your community easily accessable online. The availabilty of great names compared to traditional domains truly is immense, you can now easily find that perfect domain name for your group.

29th Oct 2015

.zone, .buzz and .today provide amazing opportunities

It's so easy to find that snappy domain name for your website now. The huge availabilty of domains under extensions such as .zone .buzz or .today provide almost endless possibilites to use your domain name to create excitement even before your visitors have landed. Grab yours today!

28th Oct 2015

Go global with the new .world, .website and .space domain extensions

It's so much easier to find the perfect domain name with the release of the new domain extensions. You can capture the global market by using a .world domain name. Go into space or create your own space with .space! And what better domain could you pick for your new website other than .website? It is perfect for any scenario! Search for yours today!

27th Oct 2015
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