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.art now available

The new .art TLD is now available for anyone to register. The perfect domain to show off your artistic prowess. With huge availability right now, it is the perfect time to get your ideal domain name.

25th Jul 2017
.fun now available

The fantastic .fun TLD has now been realeased and is available for registration. .fun one of the most versatile NEW domain extensions being is a short extension that can be used for almost limitless purposes. Register your .fun domain today!

26th Apr 2017
Take your game to market with .game

Register a .game domain. Hundreds of millions of people game online, making games one of the most searched terms and one of the primary reasons users get online to begin with. .game doesn’t have to be relegated to the online world, however, it can be used for any games purpose, from team sports to board games. Grab your .game today while it is ... Read More »

2nd Mar 2017
Send a warning with .sucks

.sucks domains available for registrations. "Sucks" is one of the most popular words to search in conjunction with a product, service, business, restaurant, or person when looking for a review, making .SUCKS a highly relevant TLD option. Because .SUCKS embraces a colloquial term, it’s more accessible to the Internet public, and hones in on a ... Read More »

27th Feb 2017
Make a diagnosis with a .doctor domain

Pick up a .doctor domain name. The term "doctor" is used in a variety of applications: First, to describe an M.D., second, to describe a Ph.D., and third, to describe a person of specialized expertise in any given area (i.e., “the garden doctor”). .doctor can be used for health forums, scholarly research publications, and expert blogs or ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2017
Make a movie with .film

Coming to a cinema near you! The .film extension is now on general availability. Do you have a love for films and want to show it off? Then this is perfect for you to get the attention of the crowd! It can be whatever you need it to be, a blog, a film, a fanbase! Grab your .film today while it is still available.

20th Feb 2017
Live it up with .luxury

There’s nothing like living in the lap of luxury, and for businesses that focus on treating their customers like VIPs, individuals who have an obsession with the finer things in life, or any website, publication, or designer giving tips on how to look luxurious for less. If this is the case for you then .luxury is the perfect TLD. Grab your ... Read More »

7th Feb 2017
Create a memorable domain with .ooo

.ooo is a unique domain that is easier to type, offers a range of domain name options and is suitable for everyone ranging from individuals to businesses. .ooo is easy to remember and search engine friendly. Grab your .ooo today while it is still available.

1st Feb 2017
.cam now on general availability

.cam has now been relased on general availability for everyone to be able register. With the vast array of web cams being broadcast on the internet from around the world from street cams to building cams, airport cams and beach cams they can now all be given their own .cam domain name. Pick up yours today!

31st Jan 2017
Build your brand with a .tube domain

You can use a .tube domain for a variety of different branding, marketing, and informational purposes. In order to cater to all applications, .TUBE provides a blank canvas domain namespace for any business, individual, or non-profit organization to utilize in any way! Grab your .tube today while it is still available.

30th Jan 2017
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