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Why the time is right to start using New TLDs

You may have noticed that there have been an increasing amount of new TLDs that have become available over the past year. We now have around 400 TLDs available to purchase on our domain registration website Purely.Domains.

These new TLDs did have a slow take up to begin with as there was some education required for the general public to understand that domain names no longer have to end in .com, .net or .co.uk. Now that has mostly been done and you get companies even using their own brand TLDs like BMW with .bmw, the new TLDs are becoming much more of a popular choice. Therefore it is safe to say now is the best time to get in on snapping up some great new TLDs as alternatives to the exhausted traditional extensions which are running really low on availability for good names.

A lot of people wonder if their search engine ranking would be affected by using one of the new TLDs. Well, last year Google announced that all the new TLDs will be treated in the same way as any other global TLDs (like .com and .org). This also includes any of the new regional or city TLDs (like .london or .scot). If you are looking at switching an existing site over from using a traditional TLD to one of these new TLDs Google have a guide on how to manage this so that it doesn’t damage your existing search engine ranking.

It used to be common place that businesses would register several domain names with different extensions to try and protect their brand name. Obviously with the huge quantity of new TLDs this no longer feasible, but likewise it is no longer really a problem either as the amount of instances of people attempting to register domains to try and hijack brand’s names to sell and profit from has dramatically reduced. Really you just need to look at your business requirements and register the different extensions that suit you business’ interests. For example you might want to purchase a .news TLD if you publish news stories within your organisation or a .chat for an online support chat service or .email for running an email service etc.

Nowadays the first interaction a customer will have with a company is via a search and by using a higher quality domain name it radiates being higher quality brand, it’s how people talk about you, find you and gain trust in you as being a credible brand that is here to stay.

Some of the most popular new TLDs currently on general availability are .xyz, .shop, .club, .link, .site, .city, .online, .tech & .bid but this doesn’t mean they are the best as some have been available for longer than others and different TLDs have different pricing.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

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